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Completed phase of implementation of the smart hydrometer project IoT sabesp WND Brazil/ Sigfox Network with 92,000 devices installed

The implementation phase of 100,000 smart water meters with IoT technology at Sabesp was successfully completed. The project, which is one of the largest in Latin America, introduces water consumption telemeasurement in Sabesp’s 100,000 largest consumers in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.

The implementation and management of the project is being done by the Metrolink consortium, composed of the companies Laager and Vita Ambiental, winners of the bidding process promoted by Sabesp.

WND’s Internet of Things (IoT) network, was the means of communication chosen for more than 92,000 of the total connected hydrometers. WND is the operator of Sigfox technology in Brazil. The technology allows the transport of data wirelessly, over long distances with minimum energy consumption, as the devices will be in operation for at least five years without changing or recharging the battery.

Telemetering – the remote reading of meters – automates the process of measuring water consumption. The task that was performed manually once a month only can now be performed multiple times a day. In addition to measuring, the system also generates alarms and important statistics about the operation of the entire water network. All these new features bring reliability, transparency and savings to consumers and unprecedented operational efficiency for Sabesp.

Ricardo Batista, Sabesp’s Division Manager and responsible for the project, celebrates: “The project marked the large-scale adoption of the Internet of Things concept (IoT),by Sabesp. The new technology allows our customers the daily monitoring of water consumption, as well as leak detection, savings money and preserving the environment, in addition to better management of resources by our company. We hope to be able to expand the project in the coming years.”, comments Batista.

According to Felipe Duque Estrada, CEO of Laager,the success of the project is largely dueto the partnership with Sigfox and WND Brasil.

“The adoption of low power wide area networks (LPWAN) technologies, especially Sigfox, ensured the economic and technological viability of the project.”, declares Duque Estrada.

José Almeida, Deputy CEO of WND Brasil, comments: “Thanks to Sabesp’s pioneering courage, Laager’s expertise and our constant work together, we have delivered together one of the largest IoT projects in the Americas. The results achieved show, without any doubt, that our technology and business model are the best choices for IoT projects today.”, says Almeida. Sabesp – Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo ( is the largest sanitation company in the Americas and the fourth largest in the world in the population served. It is responsible for the supply of water, sewage collection and treatment in 375 municipalities in the State of São Paulo, besides representing 30% of the investment in basic sanitation made in Brazil. Laager Tecnologias Sustentáveis Ltda is a company specialized in technological solutions aimed at sustainability. Its devices make it possible to control the consumption of water, gas and electricity, besides allowing greater efficiency in consumption. The company has an advanced system of individualization of these resources, which can be applied to small, medium and large consumers. Vita Ambiental is a traditional specialized Engineering Services provider for sanitation companies, focusing on reducing losses and operational optimizations. WND Brasil, which is part of the WND Group (, operates in the IoT (Internet of Things) market through the implementation of a national public network, in a B2B (Business to Business) model that allows the sale of connectivity at low cost. In just three years of operation in Brazilian territory, the company is already present in all capital cities of the country, covering an area with a population of more than 120 million inhabitants and serving more than 360 cities. WND Brasil is a pioneer in a national public network dedicated exclusively to IoT using Sigfox technology. Sigfox ( is the pioneer of the 0G network and the world’s leading provider for Internet of Things (IoT). Sigfox offers a unique combination of ultra-low-cost technologies and power backed by a global network which allows companies to gain visibility and track their assets around the world. With more than 17 million connected devices and 70 million messages sent per day, Sigfox helps its customers to extract crucial data at the lowest cost and to accelerate its digital transformation in key areas such as asset tracking and supply chain.

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