3 Months at WND: My experience in IOT so far

3 Months at WND: My experience in IOT so far

Source: WND UK

Oliver Picking
Oliver Picking, Marketing Executive, WND UK

Hi, my name is Olly, I’m 22 and I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in July 2020 having studied Business Management and Marketing. Securing my first graduate role at WND UK in October as a Marketing Executive, I thought that it would be insightful to share my experiences and what I have learnt so far.

One of the main points that was reiterated to me throughout both the interview process and my following conversations with the team, was that IOT was going to be HUGE. As I’d never heard of IOT and regularly spoke to SME’s promising big things I was reluctant to buy into the vision, after all how big could IOT be if I’ve never even heard of it?

Well after nearing the end of my third month as a Marketing Executive at WND it’s safe to say that IOT is not just HUGE, it has the potential to be colossal!. With the industry only just beginning to reach the stage of mass adoption and with already endless verticals and sub-verticals, I fully suspect that we are yet to fully understand the significance and potential of the IOT industry.

With early adopters of the technology paving the way for the early majority, I perceive that we are past the first hurdle of an exciting journey for the IOT industry. With ground breaking and innovative IOT devices constantly being developed, where large quantities of small data can be securely and efficiently collected and sent to the cloud using vigorous and economical 0G connectivity, businesses can expect to operate more intelligently and efficiently, using the valuable information provided by the data they are collating.

From utility metering to asset management, vehicle tracking to managing livestock and marketing to healthcare monitoring, it is evident that there are countless opportunities for IOT to assist an organisation

If you’re an organisation researching for ways to simplify your data collection or IOT has just peaked your interest, there’s never been a better time to explore the potential of IOT and how it could transform your business.

For me the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for IOT, with devices able to gather information in seconds remotely, there is no longer a need to use labour to collect data. For example, why send out an engineer to read a customer’s gas meter reading using valuable time and assets, when you could just use an IOT connected smart meter that can tell you that information instantly?

Another important point is around the connectivity, the IOT industry doesn’t conform with the one solution fits all ideal. Differing from the likes of VHS and Betamax (a bit before my time I know) where there was a tendency for one organisation to ‘win the market’, the IOT market is too extensive, the connectivity expectations overly broad and the use cases highly diverse.

It is clear that at WND we don’t consider Sigfox to be positioned as direct competitors with other providers such as Lora, M2M and NBIOT. Instead, we recognise each organisation for its individual strengths and aim to work harmoniously in different corners of the overall IOT eco system, appreciating the varying types of use cases.

At WND, we know our strengths and core values and adhere to them. Collecting high volumes of small data from low power and low cost IOT enabled devices, unlicensed band and existing chipset solutions, using our 0G network powered by Sigfox to send the data to the cloud at the lowest cost.

I have only just begun my journey with WND, Sigfox and the adoption of the IOT industry. I am thrilled to join the IOT journey at this stage and can’t wait for an exciting future as IOT blossoms.

If you are intrigued and are interested in finding out more about WND and what we do, or just IOT in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



WND UK, is the UK #0G secure sensor data network operator, powered by Sigfox. The public network, which was deployed in a period of just 18 months, covers over 90% of the UK’s population. WND is now continuing to strengthen our network through densification and by working with channel partners to achieve deep in-building coverage where required.

Sigfox is the world’s first global dedicated low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) communications service for sensor data, typically deployed in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. WND UK’s network solution provides reliable and affordable communications for sensor devices that require very little power.

WND UK’s growing ecosystem of channel partners operate across a broad range of industry sectors providing a range of applications, such as the monitoring of legionella in healthcare and public sector buildings, automated meter readings for utilities, property technology, leak detection and asset management within logistical, returnable packaging and post and parcel sectors. Learn more: WND Technology Overview

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